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stop and smell the peonies

The interior of my head is a rather scrambled mess right now. There is no more room for any more information. My brain, if mapped, would be a topography of swirling details. Imminent… Continue reading

in bloom

The smallest sprigs of Lily of the Valley have cast their sweet scent near my bed. I smell their fragrance as I approach on the stairs. It’s remarkable how¬†a wisp of blooms in… Continue reading

oh happy day!

artwork by: catherine colebrook

a little yin :: a little yang

This past week, I walked home in the late afternoon, drenched in impossible sunshine. It truly was the golden hour and I clung to the prospect of days like this unfolding for months… Continue reading

wordless wednesday: mouths full

photos by: bliss {in images}

ushering in spring {and a Giveaway!}

Last month, I received a request to feature the doily cookies I created in a magazine! The request came from Jennifer Carroll, a dynamo whose artistic talents are simply dizzying. One look at… Continue reading

did someone say spring?

We’re still engulfed in layers of wool and flannel, buried beneath parkas, scarves and you name it. But the calendar says March, which at least sounds spring-like. It’s still prickly cold and the… Continue reading

repurposed sweater tea cosy

Trigger Warning: talk of tea cosies, yarn and craftiness. (Yawns may ensue … ) Yesterday the cold and whipping winds made it burrowing weather. I toyed with the notion of sinking deeper into… Continue reading

hello, november!

I’m all for drawing close every shred of beauty I can find to infuse colour and simple abundance into the cold, harsh months that lie ahead. Geninne Zlatkis is a freelance artist and… Continue reading

happy weekending

Enjoy your weekend and stay toasty! I know what mine will include … photo by: bliss {in images}

sun salutation

Morning chai with steamed almond milk. Sunflowers and tea to savour. A day to get lost in … photos by: bliss {in images}

tea first

I had an unexpected, though not unwelcome, early start to the day. A gentle rain was falling on the skylight above my bed, the house was creaking as old houses do when they… Continue reading

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