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sunday slowly | french toast two ways

French toast is the perfect comfort-breakfast for a grey, winter day, when lolling about at home is all you really want to do. Kieran had his favourite version, what we like to call… Continue reading

Saturday morn | gluten-free baked apple spice pancake

When Number One was small, I made baked German Apple Pancake in a cast iron skillet for the first time. It quickly became a special treat, mostly because it’s one of those recipes… Continue reading

tea, toast and maritime seashore honey

Kensington Market has been my stomping grounds since the mid 70s. At a time when vintage clothing stores Courage My Love hadn’t yet moved into the Market proper, and Exile had just opened… Continue reading

keep calm and make food

What do you do when you knock on your teenager’s door on a Sunday morning and—surprise!—not one, but three people smile bashfully back at you? Well … you keep calm and make food.… Continue reading

“p” is for pancakes, of course

It’s Sunday. And while the rest of this town was gearing up for a St. Paddy’s Day parade, we were thinking of pancakes. Not for breakfast, and not quite for brunch, but more… Continue reading

gluten-free pumpkin spice cake goes vegan!

This evening I enjoyed another (uh huh) piece of gluten-free pumpkin spice cake. This is day three of its unrefrigerated life, and it’s just as moist as day one. In fact, it’s one… Continue reading

gluten-free pumpkin spice cake

Yesterday, one of the regulars at the café was eyeing our selection of baked goods (including pumpkin muffins) and asked whether we had anything gluten-free available. While there was a glimmer of hope… Continue reading

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