stop and smell the peonies

The interior of my head is a rather scrambled mess right now. There is no more room for any more information. My brain, if mapped, would be a topography of swirling details. Imminent… Continue reading

happy weekending

By mid-week, my healing turned a corner and I’m happy to say (and feel) that I’m now speedily on the mend—and back at work! I continue to jump through all kinds of hoops… Continue reading

wordless wednesday

photos by: bliss {in images}

sunday slowly

It’s been a week of erratic emotions, challenges that seemed impossible to scale and a hefty dose of pain. It’s also been a week filled with restoration, decision-making, reckoning with the future … and lilacs. Today,… Continue reading

time out

I sustained an injury this week (a fall with hands full) that has cost me significant functioning in my right hand. When you depend on your hands for a living, as I do… Continue reading

in bloom

The smallest sprigs of Lily of the Valley have cast their sweet scent near my bed. I smell their fragrance as I approach on the stairs. It’s remarkable how a wisp of blooms in… Continue reading

the odd bits

What can you say about a week that was bookended by sandals and mittens? Where a single layer was cloyingly hot and a hat and scarf weren’t nearly enough. Where spring rain nourished… Continue reading

happy weekending

The long weekend is about to unfold. How good do those words sound? Mine is filled with one part work (Farmer’s Market. Love it.) and two parts relaxation, including a trip to Toronto to… Continue reading

mother’s day snaps

Having four children living in two cities means that it’s rare to find them assembled as a group. Just when I think I have each peg nailed down, one pops up and goes astray. So having three out… Continue reading

oh happy day!

artwork by: catherine colebrook

my lately

This cake! It just keeps on giving. Yesterday Number Four left the tell tale signs of cake-as-appetizer on the breakfast table. Who knew cereal required an appetizer? It’s Mother’s Day this weekend, and… Continue reading

for goodness’ sake let’s eat some cake

One baker. Two cake-testing children. Three bowls of Swiss buttercream. It’s cake o’clock—dinner has been postponed. photos by: bliss {in images}

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