quiet beauty

Jessica Silversaga’s photography delivers utter bliss in abundance. Her photos have a diary-like quality; each image telling  a story illuminated by a light so soft, it envelops both subject and viewer. Which is… Continue reading

pretty splendid

This morning was an uh-OH-crap! we’re out of cream morning. A two-minute walk to the corner store set me up with a litre of the good stuff for coffee. And when I asked… Continue reading


Hope your weekend is unrolling in a warm and most delicious way. I’m off to soak up some winter sunshine and make the most of this frosty but dazzlingly bright day. But first,… Continue reading

the night before christmas

May your hearts be light … sculpture by: su blackwell

wee house

Once upon a time, at the farmhouse where we lived, my kids had a treehouse. It had all the key elements of a child’s private space. It was simple and uncomplicated, and held… Continue reading

pie pastry: the scoop

Well, HELLO, hello! I’m feeling awfully darn great about being back here! I’ve been held hostage by an avalanche of work. But the good news is that after handing in my sixth paper… Continue reading

on kids and rad old ladies

One afternoon, about a billion years ago when I was the mother of one, a new friend came to visit. She brought with her three children, two loaves of bread, a bag of… Continue reading

dear photograph

Two months ago, Toronto’s Taylor Jones was sifting through a box of family photos, when he came across an old photo of his brother sitting at the kitchen table. When he looked up,… Continue reading


There’s a surprise element within each of Jamie Beck’s photos that invites you to pause and simply become aware of what’s taking place in each frame. Be prepared to do a double take.… Continue reading

Street View: The Discovered Work of Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier worked as a nanny for over 40 years, beginning in the 1950s. But her life’s work, it seems, was quietly dedicated on her days off to photographing human movement as it… Continue reading

small is beautiful: sandra foster

I think of my new living space as a bird’s nest perched at the top of a most beautiful tree. It’s small and contained, but so very comfy. I like my little nest,… Continue reading

on a pedestal: herriott grace

I have a love of wood in its crafted—and naked—state that reaches back to childhood. My father built wooden boats and his hands rendered small details that left me transfixed. His talent and… Continue reading

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