stop. pause. play

A whole whopping lot of things are vying for my attention right now, and pulling me away from this Bliss. Some things are must-dos, others are want-to-dos, and then there are the or-else-dos.… Continue reading


These past few days have been a full of extremes: searing humidity by day and blankets at night; temperaments and feelings deeply felt; bone-weary days spent catering and afternoons reserved for tea, thrifting… Continue reading

more from magnolia pearl

Textile artist Robin “Pearl” Brown’s signature home style dances through her line of clothing, best described by Robin herself as, “what Victorian style would have been if Queen Victoria had partied with Janis… Continue reading

sweet magnolia pearl

Sometimes the sublime is found in the places you travel in your mind, while you’re still cocooned at the break of day. Sometimes it’s found with a friend over a cup of tea,… Continue reading

julie green: the last supper

I’m absolutely mesmerized by these photos of Oregon artist, Julie Green, giving us a glimpse into the creative and spiritual forces at play in her life and home. Julie’s  as passionate about making… Continue reading

faded glory

For most of us, the notion of a decaying Irish manor house is the stuff of literary daydreams or period films. But in 1979, Andrew Bush, a 23-year old American photographer was hitchhiking… Continue reading

happy mother’s day!

Just before dawn, I lay in bed listening to rain falling heavily on the skylight as the sun struggled to push its way through grey clouds. And at 7:30 am, when there wasn’t… Continue reading


I’m on a mission this weekend to achieve some restorative sleep. It’s about as much vacation as I’m going to get right now. Some folks pride themselves on being a superstar on five… Continue reading


We’ve achieved two days’ worth of sunshine in these northern parts and believe me, that’s nothing short of amazing! This weekend I’ve been soaking up spring—inside and out. For years, I was a… Continue reading

little buns

It’s the end to a week of killer thrifty-good finds. More on that soon. But for now, let me just tell you that Number One came to town, we went mad thrifting, and… Continue reading

{mostly} all you need to know

design by: rock the custard prints

cake crash

Number Four turned 12 today And the cat-beast snagged nearly as much buttercream frosting as The Boy This was post laps around the house …

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