sunday slowly

It was a weekend with few shoulds or must-dos. A chance to sink into pillows with coffee and a book late into the morning. When hunger lured me from bed there was French… Continue reading

the weekend in bits and pieces

My Saturday afternoon walk came to a perfect end at the row of flower shops on Avenue Road below Davenport. The very ones where Zoë and I spent a morning choosing blooms for her wedding. The flower… Continue reading

summer’s remains: alexander muir gardens

Moving back to Toronto has meant that each day brings something incredibly new—and old—my way. Alexander Muir Gardens, my neighbourhood park, is the same park I ran wild in as a child. I’d leave… Continue reading

my lately

There’s an ancient, sprawling oak tree just beyond our living room window. Its acorns are tumbling like mad, ricocheting off fences, roofs and blanketing every inch of ground. Fall has arrived and we’re… Continue reading

zoë and aaron | part three: berkeley field house

Zoë and Aaron were married at the Berkeley Field House. It is an utterly magical venue, complete with a treehouse and creek running through it, smack dab in downtown Toronto. A bit of city-meets-country, blending… Continue reading

zoë and aaron | part two: allan gardens

photos by: zach hertzman | times & paper

zoë and aaron’s wedding | part one

What better way to usher in fall, than to share with you the crowning jewel of our summer—photos of Zoë’s wedding. When I peek at wedding albums, the “morning of” photos are always some… Continue reading

settling in

There is no way to romanticize upheaval. Some moves simply go more smoothly than others. In our case, the minute we began loading the moving van, it was as though someone pushed a button… Continue reading

we’re moving!

I found an apartment. I found an apartment! There will be no staying put (as I deeply feared). We have walls and hardwood floors and a roof! And a kitchen and bathroom that… Continue reading

my lately

The finality of giving notice on my apartment has catapulted me into the reality that moving is happening, and soon. This is a big move for me, for all of us. Another city,… Continue reading

clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth

My girl and her boy. Wedding magic and a dance party at The Berkeley Field House!

wedding bliss

On Friday, Zoë and Aaron tied the knot! Walking my girl down the aisle was one of the most momentous occasions of my life. The nerves didn’t strangle any of the excitement. Though… Continue reading

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