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a little yin :: a little yang

This past week, I walked home in the late afternoon, drenched in impossible sunshine. It truly was the golden hour and I clung to the prospect of days like this unfolding for months… Continue reading


photo by: bliss {in images} There’s so much to say about the past few days experienced through the gauze of sadness and the slow pace of grief. But I’m too tired to cherry… Continue reading

a single moment

It is astonishing to me, the unfathomable degree to which a single moment can shape and alter the course of a life: words spoken that cannot be unspoken; declarations of birth and death;… Continue reading

on pushing forward

I’ve had to deal with down time on the work front recently. An occurrence in the restaurant/catering biz that’s nerve-wracking when you’re trying to navigate the often unpredictable, seasonal nature of work and… Continue reading

pillow time

It seems entirely greedy—given that I’ve just had time off work—to say that I’m looking forward to the up-coming long weekend. But the truth is I am. Oh, how I am. I was… Continue reading

a fresh start

Hello, January! I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but it can be said that I do have resolve. And as we’re standing on the precipice of a new year, there are some things… Continue reading

rainy days and ways

It’s a watching the rain from inside sort of day from the comfort of pillows and bed with breakfast and tea and oh so many things to do It’s a catch-up kind of… Continue reading

stop. pause. play

A whole whopping lot of things are vying for my attention right now, and pulling me away from this Bliss. Some things are must-dos, others are want-to-dos, and then there are the or-else-dos.… Continue reading


I’m on a mission this weekend to achieve some restorative sleep. It’s about as much vacation as I’m going to get right now. Some folks pride themselves on being a superstar on five… Continue reading

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