sweet news: a blog move!

I’m excited to tell you that change is underway! For some time now, I’ve been thinking about taking my blog in a new direction. From the outset, blogging was simply about discovery. Figuring out what I wanted to express and how I was going to do that was a work in progress for a long time. For the first three years, I curated other people’s photos and words were scarce. As time went on, I acquired a camera and began snapping. With very little experience (and I’m still learning all the time!) it seemed a brave act to begin posting my own photos. But with that came the discovery that there was so much I wanted to say and share.

Recently, I began sifting through my blog and removing all (or most) of the posts that contained strictly other people’s images. I feel strongly that photos should always be credited to the photographer (or their original source) but in the early years, I didn’t always do that. The downside to re-blogged images is that in their travels through the web, the source is too often lost and along with it, proper attribution. So it just seemed right to remove those posts. What’s left? The stuff that I’m truly happy with. The parts that feel most me. That’s what you’ll find over at Wildwood Collective!  on Dec 1/14.

I also feel the time is right to open my blog to other contributors. Some fresh voices and a collection of creative talents! As long-time readers I value the wonderful connections I’ve made with so many of you. And for those of you who are little-while friends, I’m just as grateful you’re here too! I’d love your input. If you’d like to do a guest post (or more), want to share some ideas, or even want to get your blogging feet wet for the first time, email me and let’s talk about that!

On the practical side, I’m not entirely sure if Bliss will remain intact. As mentioned, favourite posts have already been transferred, so I’m still giving that some thought. A site re-direct is in the works. So either way, come December, you should land on your feet in the right place. I can’t wait to see you there! X

You can reach me at: wildwoodcollective at gmail dot com


on dec 1-14