I can’t recall a tastier, more colour-jazzed Thanksgiving meal than this year’s: turkey, beef, roasted beets, carrots and root vegies, kale, arugula and mixed green salads with toasted seeds and dried berries, savoury stuffing with apple and fresh herbs … and a birthday cake for a friend. It wasn’t just the fact that I’d saved my appetite all day for the prospect of a feast, but that certainly made tucking in all the more brilliant.

The choco cake is my favourite recipe from an old edition of Gourmet Magazine. It’s simply the best layer cake for any occasion (or whim) being exceptionally moist and oh-so chocolatey—exactly what you want a cake to deliver! The original recipe calls for a chocolate ganache frosting, which is not to be scoffed at. Though I seldom use anything except meringued buttercream, finding that the extra effort pays off big time in taste, lightness and smiles. This little number was frosted with dollops of orange buttercream. Having been off sweets for six weeks now, one sliver was all I needed. And it was refreshing and reassuring to discover that it was all I wanted. Leaving plenty more for the birthday boy and others.

Here’s to layer cake and the slow fade of autumn days …


photos by: bliss {in images}