stop. pause. play

A whole whopping lot of things are vying for my attention right now, and pulling me away from this Bliss. Some things are must-dos, others are want-to-dos, and then there are the or-else-dos. In no particular order the line up goes like this:

finish planting my vegie container garden
more foodie-related work
school work
kids (and their school work)
figuring out how to earn more (or win the lott … oh, never mind.)
juggling appointments
practicing yoga
sorting through the junk drawer of my mind to better organize it
improving the quality of that little thing called sleep (seriously.)

So it’s time to press pause on blogging. I’m going to unplug for a while and get stuff done. I’ll be back soon-ish. And if not better rested, then at least feeling pumped to share a bunch of new photos with you!

Stay well, friends!


artwork by: REDSTARink