We’ve achieved two days’ worth of sunshine in these northern parts and believe me, that’s nothing short of amazing! This weekend I’ve been soaking up spring—inside and out. For years, I was a doting (translation: obsessive) gardener. I was the kind of gardener who by moonlight, would be looking out the bedroom window at the earth below, and with chin in hand, resting on the sill, I’d imagine extending a patch, creating a new bed, or dreaming up wild colour schemes for my fragrant bit of heaven. It’s not a stretch to say that from May ’til September, nearly every spare moment I could wring out was spent there. It’s also fair to say that during planting time, the inside of my house would go to hell as the outside came to life. I’ve grown vegies, herbs and perennials in wild and wonderful combos. And I’ve loved every dirty, invigorating and delicious moment of it.

This year, in a new house, my ambition is scaled down to small projects. I haven’t yet dug a perennial bed out front, and may even be content to have a container garden on the upstairs’ balcony instead. But that hasn’t prevented me from enjoying a bit of spring inside! As long as there are patches of green in my house, and the space feels alive and welcoming, I’m happy. I’ve been nurturing some herbs on the window sills, and even that small effort is enough to transform a room and the way I feel in it!

Have you been enjoying any gardening adventures yourself—big or small?


photos by: bliss {in images}