pretty splendid

This morning was an uh-OH-crap! we’re out of cream morning. A two-minute walk to the corner store set me up with a litre of the good stuff for coffee. And when I asked the chap behind the counter how he was on this fine, nearly spring day, he answered: Pretty splendid! Those two words, and the fact that he had a drawing of a moose on his t-shirt put a stupid smile on my face. Lately, with everything so damn grey and dirty-looking outside, and a pile of work big enough to crush anyone’s spirit, I’ve felt anything but splendid. So it was time to kick that (and myself) in the arse.

A couple of things have caused a shift: Yoga is happening again! My once tried and true stress buster, the routine that defined each day no matter what, dropped into oblivion a year ago. With all the massive changes that have occurred, it just sort of … disappeared from my life, as did going to the gym. I gradually became that person who felt disconnected from her body and (apart from acres of daily walking) just didn’t exercise. Too many added pounds later, the loss of flexibility, and I’ve felt lumpish, shocked, and disbelieving this happened. But it’s never too late to turn that around (though my stiff back would try to convince me otherwise. Bastard!) So, as much as this old bod needs a boost, just as importantly, my spirit needs to reconnect and recharge. I’m pretty intensely happy with this shift. In fact, I think I feel pretty splendid!

The other happening was a small one. But one that infused this past week with happiness. I found some pussy willows at a local flower shop and knew the instant I spotted them, they had to come home with me. This is the time of year I can’t wait for them to bloom in the wildlife sanctuary where our old farmhouse stood, and to bring home an armful. I so look forward to that happening, to shedding winter, to the walk through the woods and the muddy climb to the spot we once christened Pussy Willow Hill, with a longing that makes me ache.

For those of us still pulling out of winter, a little spring inside is a sanity soother. And it’s just plain pretty.

Enjoy, friends! I hope your days are beginning to feel lighter as well.


photos by: bliss {in images}