on a pedestal: herriott grace

I have a love of wood in its crafted—and naked—state that reaches back to childhood. My father built wooden boats and his hands rendered small details that left me transfixed. His talent and passion found its way to my cabinet-maker brother, whose artful hands transform something already spectacular in its natural state—raw lumber—into shades of beauty that foretell heirloom love. Once upon a time, I designed the children’s  furniture that he crafted and together we sold, hand-painting many of the pieces.

And so began an enduring respect for the hands and hearts that have shaped wood. I can spot a hand-turned piece a gazillion miles away, and am in paradise when thrift store scavenging turns up a distressed chair, which, parted from its mates, quietly shares its history and allows me to care for it. As a long time baker and now chef, I have an immeasurable weakness for wooden spoons, bowls and rolling pins—they top me up with love and wonder. All of which makes my fondness for artisan and baker, Nikole Herriot’s online shop Herriot Grace just explode! Nikole now resides in my home town of Toronto. Her dad, Lance, crafts little beauties from salvaged wood—rolling pins and rice paddles, boards and bowls, and oh, the spoons!—which she sends into the world with love and oodles of flair. Their story is one of fierce passion for small details and the beauty that four hands can shape. I’ve followed her little shop with a big reputation from the start. And it’s time to share all of its goodness with you! Her blog Forty-Sixth at Grace is equally captivating. But be forewarned: once you visit, you might not want to leave! Sweet thanks to Nikole for all the pretty pictures shared here.